Gun Safety

Gun Safety Rules

Good gun safety practice begins with not hanging out with people who incorrectly handle their firearms. So how can you tell if someone knows how to safely deal with a gun?
Before they even take out their gun, ask them to tell you the 4 rules of gun safety.
If they can’t – RUN in the other direction! 

Unfortunately, four out of the six GUN OWNERS I asked could not remember these 4 simple rules that can make all the difference. 

1.  All guns should be approached as if they are loaded. NO exceptions. Only once it has been determined to be unloaded should they be displayed.

2.  NEVER have the front/business end of the gun point at anything you do not wish to fire at. The front end of your gun should always be pointed in a safe direction.

3.  When aiming, always look behind and to the sides of your target.

4.  Only at that point should you place your finger in the trigger guard, NEVER BEFORE!

Lastly, while I do not agree with the NRA on everything, I believe it to be a very important organization. I especially like their Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program which teaches children what to do if they ever come across a gun:

STOP! Don’t Touch. Run Away. Tell A Grown-up.

These are important concepts to teach to the children you know. For more information visit

Well, that’s it! Stay safe and healthy and peace out.

Allan Cohen

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